Wednesday, June 23, 1pm, 2405 Siebel Center

“From Foundations to Applications of Visual Analytics”

Dr. Ross Maciejewski, Purdue University

For centuries, we have been improving our ability to collect and generate data and this is increasing at an unprecedented rate.  Unfortunately, the capability to analyze and generate information and knowledge from this data has not kept pace. Over the past thirty years, the fields of visualization and information visualization have developed to help solve this problem. These active areas of research have led to the development of helpful tools for decision makers, businessman, scientists, and engineers. However, to gain insight, reason, and make decisions from these massive, disparate, uncertain, and time-evolving datasets requires more than just visualization of data. This has led to the global development of an emerging research area that goes beyond visualization: visual analytics. The science of visual analytics focuses on improving analysts abilities to understand complex problems by aiding them in gathering insight, detecting the expected and discovering the unexpected within their data.  In this talk, I will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of visual analytics, describing the core components.  This introduction will then shift focus to domain specific applications of visual analytics in syndromic surveillance, criminal incidence analysis, pandemic monitoring and preparedness, and more traditional scientific visualization domain problems.