Friday, June 4, 1pm, 2405 Siebel Center

"From Information to Knowledge: Harvesting Entities and Relationships from Web Sources"

Dr. Gerhard Weikum, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik (

There are major trends to advance the functionality of search engines to a more expressive semantic level.  This is enabled by the advent of knowledge-sharing communities such as Wikipedia and the progress in automatically extracting entities and relationships from semistructured as well as natural-language Web sources.  Recent endeavors of this kind include DBpedia, EntityCube, KnowItAll, ReadTheWeb, and our own YAGO-NAGA project (and others).  The goal is to automatically construct and maintain a comprehensive knowledge base of facts about named entities, their semantic classes, and their mutual relations as well as temporal contexts, with high precision and high recall.  This talk discusses state-of-the-art methods, research opportunities, and open challenges along this avenue of knowledge harvesting.