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Expert Speaker Series DSSI 2010

May 28 Bruce Schatz University of Illinois BeeSpace: An Interactive System for Functional Analysis Using Semantic Indexing of Biological Literature
June 4 Gerhard Weikum Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik From Information to Knowledge: Harvesting Entities and Relationships from Web Sources
June 9 Deva Ramanan University of California-Irvine Finding and Understanding Multiple Objects in Images and Videos
June 11 Fred Rothganger Sandia National Labs The Registration Problem
June 17 Joseph Kielman Department of Homeland Security Data Analytics for Homeland Security
June 17 Eduard Hovy University of Southern California Learning by Reading: From Information Extraction to Machine Reading
June 23 Ross Maciejewski Purdue University From Foundations to Applications of Visual Analytics
June 23 Data Quality Team Yahoo! Technical and Organizational Challenges and Solutions in Yahoo!’s Massive Data Warehousing Environment
June 25 William Hsu Kansas State University Relationship Extraction for Event Summarization
June 28 Tanya Berger-Wolf University of Chicago Computational Analysis of Dynamic Networks (and its Applications to the Social Life of Zebras)