Most of the data today is unstructured – books, newspaper articles, web pages, blogs, journal publications, reports, images, and audio and video streams.

The Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis Center (MIAS) at UIUC studies the questions of how to deal with the huge amount of unstructured data as if it was organized in a database with a known schema -- how to locate, organize, access and analyze unstructured data. Our goal is to develop the theories, algorithms, and tools that enable intelligent access to a variety of data formats and models, integrating them with existing resources, and transforming raw data into useful and understandable information. Read more . . .

The 2011 Data Sciences Summer Institute (DSSI) was a 6-week long program in Data Science areas. This summer program consisted of an intensive class in the mathematical foundations of Data Sciences, tutorials on advanced Data Science topics, expert speakers from around the U.S., and advanced collaborative research projects. Click on the links below to learn more about the 2011 DSSI.

     -- 2011 DSSI main page

     -- Crime/Event Detection on Twitter project demo

        -- ICDE 2012 Twitter demo paper

    -- Expert Search project demo

The Mission of the Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis Center (MIAS) is to:

• Develop theories, algorithms, and tools for
_analysts & researchers
• Access a variety of data formats
• Integrate unstructured data with existing resources
• Transform raw data into useful & understandable _information

In the next decade, intelligence analysts will need to:

• Monitor a huge number of interesting events and entities
• Formulate and evaluate hypotheses with respect to them

Our Team consists of leading researchers in intelligent information access & analysis and its foundations. Search our site for more information about the programs and tools we use to further our research to reach our Mission.